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Privacy Policy

This society, in relation to the Italian legislative dispositions in matter of regulation of privacy, the norm previewed from law 196/03, renders famous to the own utenti/clienti that the services rendered from eOra come and are subordinates to the sottoelencate regulations:

To the senses and for the effects of law 196/03 on the protection of personal the data the cliente/utente is to acquaintance and authorizes explicitly and express eOra to carry out the being followed activities to the aim of being able to give run to the own relative activity to the distribution of the services that the cliente/utente demands.

Therefore the cliente/utente is to acquaintance who with the post of the order module authorizes the company eOra to:

- to deal, to insert and to conserve in just database/archivio  (of electronic and/or cartaceo type) the all data contained in the subscription contract or I renew and of those it sendes to you via email

- to communicate the own data to authority and/or organs of public safety that of it they make or of they will make second demanded the modalities previewed from the enforced norm the moment of the demand

- to cancel the own personal data from the database to the term of the contract, fact but I renew

The personal data will be used only to manage the order, our advertising email will be sent only if expressly granted by the holder in the registration procedure.

The Client assumes flood relatively responsibility to all the brought back in contracts and contained personal data in the database of the customers de eOra. The segretezza of the password of hit to several the services of eOra is anch it of total responsibilities of the cliente/utente in how much eOra, from part its, is engaged to adopt every half technical possible in order to maintain the segretezza of aforesaid password the contained ones in the serveur that manage the hit to the same services.

The responsible of the treatment of the data is Stroppiana Jewelry shop, in quality of Holder of the eOra


Art. 7. (Straight of the interested one)

1. In relation to the treatment of personal data the interested one has straight:
a) to know, by means of free hit to the registry of which to the article 31, comma1, letter to  the existence of treatments of data that can regard it; 

b) of being informed on indicated how much to article 7, comma4, letters to), b), h)  

c) to obtain, to cure of the holder or the responsible, without delay:
1) the personal confirmation of the existence or less than given that regards it, even if not still records to you, and the communication in intelligible shape of the same data and their origin, let alone of the logic and the purposes on which the treatment is based; the demand can be renewed, saves the existence of justifies reasons to you, with not smaller interval of ninety days;

2) the erasure, the transformation in anonymous shape or the block of the data deal to you in law violation, those comprised of which are not necessary the conservation in relation to the scopes for which the data have been collected or subsequently deal to you;
3) the refresh, the rectification that is, in case have interest to you, integration of the data;

4) the attestation that the operations of which to the numbers 2) and 3) they have been capacities to acquaintance, also as far as their content, of those people to which the data have been communicates to you or diffuse, eccettuato the case in which such implementation it is revealed impossible or it involved a means employment manifestly sproporzionato regarding the protected right;
d) of opporsi, in all or part, for legitimate reasons, to the treatment of the personal data that regard it, ancorché pertinenti to the scope of the collection;
opporsi e), in all or part, to the treatment of personal data that regard it, previewed to fine of information trades them or of post of advertising material or direct selling that is for the fulfillment of communication or market researches they interactive and of being informed from the holder trades, beyond the moment in which the data they are she does not communicate to you or diffuse, of the possibility to exercise straight free of charge such.

2. For ciascuna demanded for which codicil 1, letter c), number 1), can be asked the interested one, where it does not turn out confirmed the existence of data that regard it, a contribution expenses, not advanced to the actual costs sopporta you, second the modalities and within the limits established from the regulations of which to article 33, codicil 3.

3. Concerning the rights of which to codicil 1 reported to the personal data deceased persons they can be exercise to you from anyone have interest to you.

4. In the exercise of the rights of which the to the codicil 1 interested one it can confer, for enrolled, delegation or power of attorney to physical persons or associations.

5. The norms remain firm on the professional secret of the shopkeepers the journalist profession, limitedly to the source of the news.

Art. 31. (Tasks of the Guarantor)  

1. The Guarantor has the task of:
a) to institute and to hold a general registry of the treatments on the base of the received notificazioni;  

Art. 7. (Notificazione)

... omissis..

4. The notificazione contains:
a) the name, the denomination or the corporate name and the address, the residence or the center of the holder;
b) the purposes and modality of the treatment;
h) the name, the denomination or the corporate name and the address, the residence or the center of the responsible; in lack of such indication responsible considers itself notifying;

Art. 33. (Office of the Guarantor)  

3. The concerning norms the organization and the operation of the office of the Guarantor, let alone those directing to disciplining to the collection of the secretariat rights and the management of expenses, also in exception to the dispositions on the general accounting of the State, are adopted with regulations emanated with presidential decree, within three months from the date of entrance in vigor of the present law, previa deliberation of the Council of Ministers, felt the Council of State, on proposal of the Prime Minister of the ministers, of concert with the Ministers of the treasure, of grace and justice and the inside, and on seeming consistent of the same Guarantor. In the same regulations also the concerning norms are previewed the procedure dinanzi to the Guarantor of which to the article 29 codicils from 1 to 5  according to such modalities to assure, in the speditezza of the same procedure, the full respect of the conflicting one between the parts interested, let alone the norms times to specify the modalities for the exercise of the rights of which to article 13, let alone of the notificazione of which to article 7, for via data transmission or by means of magnetic support or letter registered letter with warning of reception or other suitable system. The opinion of the Council of State on the regulations outline is rendered within thirty days from the reception of the demand; passed such term the regulations can however be emanated.  

Art. 29. (Protection)

1. The rights of which to article 13, codicil 1, they can be made to be worth dinanzi to the judicial authority or with resource the Guarantor. The resource to the Guarantor cannot be proposed in case, for the same object and between the same parts, it has been already dared the judicial authority.

2. It knows the cases to you in which the passed one of the term it would expose someone to imminent and irreparabile prejudgment, the resource to the Guarantor can be only proposed after that is passed five days from the demand advanced on the same object to the responsible. The rerun presentation del renders improponibile an ulterior question dinanzi on the credit side judicial authority between the same parts and for the same object.

3. In the procedure dinanzi to the Guarantor the holder, the responsible and the interested one have straight of being feel themselves, personally or to means of special proxy, and have faculty to introduce memories or documents. The Guarantor can decide, also of office, the accomplishment of skills.

4. Gathered information necessary the Guarantor, if she thinks founded the resource, orders to the holder and the responsible, with motivated decision, the cessation of the behavior illegittimo, indicating the necessary measures to protection of the rights of the interested one and assigning a term for their adoption. The provision is communicated without delay to the interested parts, to cure of the office of the Guarantor. The lacked one pronounces on the resource, passed twenty days from the presentation date, is equivalent to refusal.

5. If the particularitity of the case demands it, the Guarantor can arrange in temporary way the block in all the or part of someone of the data that is immediate suspension of one or more operations of the treatment. The provision stops of having every effect if, within the successes to you, the decision is twenty days not adopted of which to codicil 4 and he is impugnabile united to such decision.

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