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Service laboratory watches

We say that the watches that we sell aren't renewed, they are really an alternative to a new watch, because they are really like new. So we have always invested on our laboratory that is the pride of our shop, for the best equipment used and for the qualification of our 3 watchrepairer.
Our laboratory is an Omega, Cartier, Baume & Mercier, Longines, Hamilton and Tissot certified service centre and our watchrepairer can make services on every important watch brand like Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Longines, Panerai...
We have 2 watchrepairer certified: Leonardo and Andrea with an experience of 20 and 11 years and there is also Mattia that is a watchrepairer specialized in polish of the watch with an experience of 5 years.
We make the service of the watches of our customer with the guarantee of a product like new on case bracelet and mechanism with a warranty of 12 months on the right operation.

Each watch on our site make the below step before selling it:


1. Before buying a watch, it's check in every part to verify the originality and the status


2. When the service begins, the watch is disassembled, to separate the movement from the other parts (case, glass...)


3. The case, the bracelet and the bezel are polished from the watch-repairer specialized in this job. The polish is done exactly like the original production, in this way all the scratches are removed.


4. At the end of the polish phase, all the parts are washed and hygienized with ultrasound wash


5. The movement is disassembled completely and it's serviced replacing all damaged parts and washing all the movement parts. Then all the parts are lubricated and remount.


6. The watch is remound assembling the crown the glass, the bezel and the bracelet. In this phase, the rubber and teflon rings are replaced.


7. L'orologio rimontato viene sottoposto al controllo impermeabilità (solo sugli orologi con i requisiti necessari per garantirne l'impermeabilità).


8. The last phase is the check of the right operation on a simulator of the wrist movement. During the day the watch stay on the simulator and in the night they stop to check the reserve of charge.


At the end of this process we don't obtain a used watch but a real alternative to a new watch!!

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